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Using Steel Batons for Self Defense Everyone has a right to defense himself. Are there ways to defend oneself without using a firearm? One way that people can defend themselves is by using steel batons which are like those used by police officers and security personnel. You can either use the traditional baton or the expandable steel batons to defend yourself from any threats. Some of its benefits are its price which is not very expensive, and maintenance is nothing. With a baton, it is possible to break some bones, or to knock someone out for a short while. People intruding you home can be stopped with the use of a steel baton. There is no training needed to use a steel baton, it is the same as hitting something with a blunt object. There are many tutorials you can watch online that will show you how to tackle an assailant with or without a firearm. In your home confined to close quarters, there should not be any damages to your possessions. Carrying at expandable steel baton when walking on the street can give you some sense of security. Carrying a steel baton is not a problem because it has a small size which can easily fit your purse, pocket of a holster of some kind. Even if your attacker is armed, one quick and hard blow of the baton on the head or on the wrist can easily disarm them and you can get away. Protecting yourself with hard blows on the hand and other parts of the body is a good way of scaring off a knife-yielding assailant. Remember though that in using a baton properly, you need to be in close proximity of your assailant.
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If you are not quick enough to incapacitate your aggressor, it may lead to a fist fight or wrestling. You also need to remember that if your assailant is large and a drug-user, then they can have a higher tolerance to pain than others. If you get a stun baton, then it can work well for these kinds of assailants..
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Steel batons and other types of batons can be found online and in some gun stores. Some state allow you to purchase a baton but if you will carry it in public, you might need to secure a permit. If you can get proper defense training, you can get the most use of your baton of choice. If you are taking a self defense program you will realize how important a steel baton is. If it is the defense of yourself and your family and you are looking for one with the lower cost, then purchasing a steel baton will satisfy your requirements.