Work Safety

Work Safety
Work Safety

What is the Occupational Health and Safety?

Occupational Health and Safety is a condition in which a healthy and safe work both for the job, the company and for society and the environment around the factory or the workplace. Occupational safety and Confined Space Rescue Training is also an attempt to prevent any actions or conditions not survive, which may lead to an accident.

Safety And Work Safety Was Intended For Whom?

Under the Insurance Act Occupational Health and Safety was intended for all workers in all workplaces, whether on land, in the soil, surface water, in the water and in the air, which is within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia. So basically, every worker in Indonesia entitled to safety and occupational health.

What Are The Duties And Rights Of Workers Relating To Occupational Health And Safety?

  1. Provide correct information when requested by inspectors or experts Safety
  2. Wear personal protective equipment required
  3. Meet and comply with all requirements for safety and health are required
  4. Asks the Board of gnats implemented all the requirements of safety and health are required
  5. Demur work on jobs where safety and health requirements as well as the means of self-protection that is required to doubt him except in matters specifically provided otherwise by the inspectors within the limits that can still be justified.

Any Task Management / Supervisors In Terms Of Health And Safety?

  1. Check the health of the body, mental state and physical abilities of the workforce that will be received or will be transferred in accordance with nature – the nature of the work assigned to it.
  2. Check all labor under his direction, periodically on a doctor designated by the Employers and confirmed by Director
  3. Demonstrate and explain each new workforce on:
  4. The conditions and the dangers and what can arise in the workplace
  5. All security and tool – a tool of protection required in all workplace
  6. The means of self-protection for the workers concerned
  7. Ways and safe manner in carrying out its work
  8. Responsible for accident prevention and fire fighting as well as improving health and safety, also in the provision of first aid in an accident.
  9. Report any accidents that occur in the workplace leads, the officials appointed by the Minister of Labour.
  10. In writing puts in the workplace leads, all the requisite safety required, a piece of this Act and all its implementing regulations that apply to the workplace is concerned, in places that are easily visible and legible and in accordance with the instructions inspectors or health expert work