8 Ways to Properly Maintain Your African American Human Hair Wigs

African American human hair wigs are a great addition to your style, they can make you look cool in any occasion. But in order to make these stylish wigs last for a long time, you need to do a proper maintenance. You can follow these simple guidelines to care for your human hair wigs for african American:

1. Wash your wigs regularly, don’t let them go dirty. Treat your wigs just as your real hair, after all they are made of real human hair anyway. As a general rule, make sure you wash the wigs after you wear them about 8-12 times. Depends on the air quality and humidity, you might just need to wash them before using 8 times or after 12 times.

2. After you wash the wigs, blot them gently with a towel. make sure you do it gently so you don’t wring out the wigs.

3. After your wigs begin to dry, apply a conditioning spray.

4. Let the conditioning spray dry. Some people use a Styrofoam head, but this is actually not a very good choice. It would be a lot better if you put the wig on a vase or a hairspray bottle covered with a towel. Don’t expose it to direct sunlight in order to speed up the drying process, the UV light can damage your wigs.

5. If the wigs are not too dirty, it’s better to avoid brushing them.

6. In case you want to cut your wig to get a new style, it’s better to wear it, so it would be like getting a haircut.

7. It pays to get a wig stand so you can hang your wigs properly. When you put the wigs on the wig stand you can avoid them get tangled and maintain their shape.

8 .Always put your african american lace front wigs in wig boxes when you’re travelling.