4 ways you can become a faster learner

It is incredibly important to be continuously learning, it’s very easy to underestimate, but learning empowers us all to develop ideas and maximise our potential. It’s important in school, important when you go to university and it’s even more important in adult life. Getting the foundations of becoming a good learner is important, but one of the tools that we all miss is becoming a fast learner.

A fast learner can take in more information over a shorter period of time, and the practicality of this is incredible. For having more leisurely time, to developing other aspects of your life, becoming a fast learner in our every faster society is a skill that everyone needs.

So how can someone become a fast learner and improve their life skills? Programs like this summer school academy tackle this missing skillset, however, for those looking for a quick answer, here are 4 ways that we can improve our learning speed.

1) Know what kind of learner you are

There are three kinds of learners, and we all inherently know which of these apply to us best. From school to adulthood, we understand what we respond to best. In short there are three ways that most people learn;

  • Sound. Do you remember what you were reading when you heard a particular sound? It could be a song or someone shouting something. You are an auditory learner. The best way you learn is by listening, rather than textbooks. Podcasts are perfect for you.
  • Visual. Do you remember numbers, graphs, charts? If so, you can implement this into your learning pattern.
  • Physical. This is when you don’t really apply to the other two but with a caveat. You’re high on energy, distracted or curious a lot of the time. Use audio to help with studying whilst performing a physical act, like walking to help get things to sit in your mind.

2) Brain Train

It sounds simple and in a way it is. All this technique is doing is establishing a routine. Create a space in the home where you can sit for 30 – 40 minutes in a day and try and learn something new. Here, in this space, you are giving your brain a daily routine to take in information.

3) Build your notes

There are only a few people in society that can remember absolutely everything they are told. Fast learners however can take in more information in a shorter space of time, so the important thing is to have lots of notes. You won’t forget things, that doesn’t happen, don’t worry. What notes do is re-enforce learnt information and you can refer back to them. Get some notebooks and start writing.

4) Exercise is the way

Fast learners need to give their mind the space to store information as well as sort it in the right place. Light exercise can do this and focusing on breathing techniques is essential. Things like Yoga and pilates give the brain time to pause and focus on something else. This is essential in creating and crafting the learning pathways for new information. Light walks also do this.

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