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Getting a Visa to Get Married in UK – What to Consider Many people with UK resident spouses want to have their marriages or civil partnerships in the UK. To those who want to do this, you must have a legible Visa else you won’t see your dreams come true. The UK government understands this need hence the special kind of Visa that lets you stay around for six months to turn your dream into reality. You must note that the Visa is eligible to anyone who wants to get married or anyone who wants to enter a civil partnership. The initial check is aimed at proving that you are in the UK for the right reason – to get married. This is a way to prove that you are not there to do business or engage in some form of employment. The checks also have to show that you do not intend to do tourist or sports activities or receive any kind of private medical care while using the marriage Visa. You should also expect an investigation on your age. You should be at least 18 years of age since this is the legal marriage age in the UK. Since the Visa won’t allow you more than six months, you also have to give proof that you have plans to leave the UK as soon as you stay has expired.
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One of the easiest way to show this is by proving that you have sufficient funds to buy a return or onward ticket. To ensure that you don’t become a burden to the government, you also have to prove that you have enough money to accommodate and maintain yourself during the entire stay. This means that you will need to show that you can come up with enough money to pay for your decent stay without working or relying on any of the public funds hence the proof that you won’t be a bother to anyone.
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The final check would be to show that you are actually going to get married to a UK citizen during the time you will stay in the states. This proof could be in terms of an elaborate wedding plan or documents supporting your plan and endorsed by your spouse. Generally, the UK immigration law demands that all none EEA/Swiss nationalities must apply for a Visa to marry in the UK. You also have to understand that this document does not give you the clearance to live in the UK once you are married. You will have to apply for a proposed civil partner of fiance Visa to get permanent legal residence.