Do You Need A Home Report? What To Know About Hiring Professional Harvey Donaldson & Gibson Surveyors

If you are selling a home in Scotland, you will be required to have a home report. A home report consists of three parts, two of which must be conducted by a qualified surveyor. A surveyor assesses the physical condition of your home in the single survey portion of a home report. Here, they will determine if your home needs any repairs or has any issues like faulty plumbing or a cracked foundation. In the energy portion of the home report, a surveyor checks over your home to determine how energy efficient it is. Because your home report can both attract and deter possible buyers, it is important to hire a reliable, qualified surveyor. Follow these guidelines when searching for professional Harvey Donaldson & Gibson Surveyors:

  • Many surveyors advertise themselves in newspapers and online. If you know of any family or friends who have sold their home in the past, ask them if they have any recommendations. In most cases, your estate agent will be able to recommend a qualified surveyor.
  • Look for a surveyor who specializes in your type of property. Some work with country estates and farms while others handle metropolitan properties. If you have an historical home or an expansive estate, you will need a surveyor who specializes in those types of properties.
  • Many mortgage lenders only offer home loans for properties that were assessed by an approved list of surveyors. If you do not have an assessment by one of their approved surveyors, potential buyers may have to hire their own. While this might not be a problem if someone is truly interested in buying your home, it could deter some buyers. Check to see if your surveyor is approved by major mortgage lenders.
  • The cost of hiring a surveyor will depend on the type and size of your estate, your geographical location, and how comprehensive an assessment you need. Discuss your requirements with a few different surveyors, and get quotes. This way, you can choose one that best fits your price range. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from £250-£1500.

If you are unsure if a surveyor is right for you, speak with your estate agent about it. Agents usually have a good understanding of what constitutes a good surveyor and can give helpful insight.