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What Questions To Ask Your Prospect Expert Witness Expert witnesses are those people who are expert in a certain field and is normally summoned in court to testify at trial. There’s something about a trial that is suggesting that such individual can be a big help to establish the innocence or guilt of the defendant. To give you an example, a dentist might be called on court to testify on dental records of the victim or suspect or even discuss about bite patterns, a neurologist may be summoned to define the abnormalities in the brain functioning of the defendant which caused him/her to commit the crime. Basically, there are lots of expert witnesses that can be called to court trials. On the other hand, when in the process of hiring an expert witness, it is necessary that the lawyer who do the hiring should ask important and hard questions prior to telling that that person can testify. In any prospect witness, they should be asked the top 5 questions in the following paragraphs.
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Question number 1. What profession or field you are expert in – the lawyer has to know field of expertise the person is specializing in and at the same time, they have to present their credentials to back up their claims.
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Question number 2. Can they clarify how long they’ve been in the profession they’re in – go for the one who’ve been doing their job for quite a long time. With this, you can be certain that they can answer all questions asked wisely. Question number 3. Are you involve by any means in the case – not having any relation with the defendant is very important. It is going to compromise the integrity of their answers and will require to call another expert witness if it is figured out that they are. The court requires unbiased and honest opinions for the case as they are not bias to any party. Question number 4. Have they received any info regarding the case prior to the interview – it will automatically make them bias if they’re given any info in advanced, which is the reason why this must be asked. This is actually the explanation behind jurors are inquiring if they have received any info about the case before the interview. Question number 5. Do they experienced participating in similar cases in the past – when trying to figure out if someone who’ll be comfortable to give their personal opinion on the witness stand, experience undoubtedly has become an integral part of it. They should be aware of how to give details and other necessary answers when asked.