Experience Is The Best Teacher ?

One of my professors at the Business College Stockton tell me that ” Experience is the best teacher ” means is like a patient teacher, who was never angry, and he is the best teacher for every human being.

Humans are always looking for a teacher who called the experience, he is a teacher without a soul, which is always ready to educate people who seek it, and sometimes he accidentally give lessons to the sons of men had, that a teacher whose name experience.books

Experience Is The Best Teacher ?

Maybe we often hear the term often come out of a person ” learn from experience ” he says! And here implied that an experience to be drawn from a person’s physical activity or an activity, so in essence the experience gained from a work, and not of fantasy / dream or read a book, or listening to a lecture.

Experience is the best teacher, but to keep in mind here is the word ” good ” good words that have the general connotation that is, to learn from that experience better, faster understand / comprehend [for committing itself] but learn from the experience of it is not can distinguish between what is good [be done]  or miss educative experience for the teacher whose name was not having a soul experience.

Examples of when we commit crimes such as stealing and succeed and then we know the ins and outs of how to steal a sniper, this certainly is the result of an experience, and we learn from a teacher whose name the experience before, but in the knowledge that miss educative earlier [not educate in the direction good].

Then to the presence of a teacher of life [of human life] as the teacher remains the most important thing in the bridge, between an experience and teaching that direction or purpose was not out on the ” moral educative ” so that children do not become wild and uncontrollable.