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Web Management Trends Webmasters Should Expect in 2016 There is no question that 2015 has been a good year for webmasters considering that it has been a learning period for everyone. In recent times, the internet has experienced astronomical growth. Websites have become more sophisticated and articles have improved in quality. For any website to occupy a top spot in search engines, the need for creativity has become more important than ever before. With search engine algorithms as the core factor in article rankings, there is no doubt that 2016 will be more impressive. In this article, we delve into SEO trends that webmasters will have to focus on in 2016. Keyword use has been a major factor for the year and as time reveals the same is not bound to change even as we plan to usher a new year. Besides keyword selection, their use is also a major factor. In that case, webmasters should keep up with the same trend of placing keywords in the title, sub-titles, in the first paragraph and the last paragraph of the article for an article to rank. It is not a secret that proper placement of keywords should be in the title, subtitles, first sentence of the article and last paragraph. As long as the article does not deviate from the subject in question, web users will probably find it.
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Ever since the inception of the internet, webmasters main target has been web users whose go-to device is a computer. This is a plausible reason considering that computers were the pioneers of the tech revolution. However, in recent times, mobile phones have overtaken the use of computers in accessing the internet and the reason is simply that mobile phones have become affordable and much flexible to use. Since they are portable, you can gain access to company websites, social media pages and personal accounts easily. As a result, webmasters need to focus on making their websites more responsive on this platform since the coming year promises to offer the same momentum.
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The coming year promises to offer more opportunities for social media platforms. Over the years, a lot of focus has been on web posts since they have been around ever since the internet was established. In addition, web posts have proven to be more comprehensive than content found on social media platforms, if things go as planned this is bound to change. Social media platforms have recently become a target for content offered on different topics and webmasters should take advantage of this by making their social media pages more holistic. This is just a tip of the iceberg as more trends are lurking in the corners. To ensure that webmasters are not left behind, they have to be in the watch out.