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A Guide to Immigration to the UK The UK has had a long history of immigration and is among the leading immigration destinations in the world. Infrastructure throughout the country is of high quality and quality health care is broadly available and it is close to free not forgetting the high benchmarks of education, and it prides itself on having some of the world’s best universities. UK immigration is somehow simple, and clearly, you may not need a lawyer. If it’s an unsophisticated scenario such for spousal visa, you can deal with the paperwork yourself. Being an American or an English native speaker does not entitle one to reside in the United Kingdom or even visit the country contrary to most people’s views. The main ways that different nationals can arrive to the UK are as visitors, as civil partners/spouses/fiancee of UK or EEA nationals, tied to studies, investment or employment. Through all these groups, it is imperative to attest that you will not need to be supported by state funds and that you have somewhere to reside once you get to the UK. However, not just any job can warrant a work permit and a casual relationship will not provide sufficient ties to emigrate. It is fairly clear-cut to undergo the application process to enter the UK without complicating things and making it more difficult for others. There are two main routes to making an application for UK visa or UK naturalization. You can present your UK visa application either through a UK High Commission/Consulate/Embassy abroad or through the Boarder and Immigration Agency of the Home Office services, depending on the category of visa you are applying for. You may be required to wait for months for your visa application to be processed by the Home Office Border and Immigration Agency, or spend an entire day there simply because you do not have all the relevant documentation.
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To attain British citizenship through naturalization, there happen to be a number of conditions that need to be met. These comprise of being over 18 years and above, have the ability to make sovereign decisions, intend to continue residing in the UK, be able to communicate in English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic. The applicant should have passed the ‘Life in the UK’ test, must have resided in the UK for at least five years before the date of application and must have been given indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The immigrant must have followed the immigration law whilst living in the UK.
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You should be able to view things in another point of view than the one you were fostered with when relocating to a new country as much as it can be an incredible experience. Everything differs in a number of areas so prepare yourself to comprehend how things work if you want to survive in a foreign country.