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Using Technical Document Translation Services Technical document translation services can be relied on when you have a project for a global market which needs translation. Here are some tips that can help you hasten the translation of your technical documents that you need for your global project so that it can be sent out to the global market soon. If you hire a translation company that is exposed to this type of technical document translation, then it is a good way to prevent problems from arising in the translations. If you want the translation process to be smooth, then you can do some steps that will ensure this result. What is important with translation services is that you should make your instructions clear to them. They need to know you objective and your targets when it comes to the time frame and the turnaround needs. Make sure that you ask the company for a time estimate for the completion of the project. Be sure to have open communication with the translation company, and give them everything that they need. When you compare the English language with others, you will notice that things can be expressed in English in a shorter manner. Most languages are said to be twenty percent longer than English. When you put your translated documents in written documents, websites, and other printer materials, make sure that you leave enough space for the translation to fit in. Make your format fluid to accommodate the translation and that it will fit with the graphics on the technical document when the translation has been completed.
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If you want to help the translations team, make sure that your sentences are short. Avoid difficult to translate connecting clauses and make sure your sentences are direct to the point. If you want your translation to be the best possible, make its English version clear, concise, and east to translate.
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Compress or zip your files if you will send the electronically. It is easier to send this way and it also provides more security. If you do not want fonts and graphics to be corrupted, then put them in zip or compressed files. Do not embed images in electronic files, but link them. Embedding can be distorted but linking may not be. If you give them a sample of styles you want the finished product to look, then it will be very helpful for them. A really good translation will necessitate good communications with the translators. Take responsibility and keep on discussing with them what is to be expected of them in the end. Giving examples to your translation group is one way to help them come up with the exact translation result that you want them to give. If you do all these things and choose a reliable translation service for technical documents, then your project will be on its way to the market in the soonest time possible.