Test 000-080 System X Sales Basic principles V7

System x Sales Basic principles V7

This exam changes all past System x Sales Basic principles and will also be modified as new products featuring are supplied. This examination will read the abilities from the customer going through System x Sales professional. A minimum of six several weeks effective Sales experience is anticipated. The effective candidates may have working information from the System x and x86 server product family for example M4 and usually experienced setup IBM and aggressive products, The effective applicant should have efficient information of storage and marketing options, and IBM and usually experienced system Systems, system management, and Systems.

This qualification needs one test:

000-080: System x Sales V7

Test information

40 questions is going to be requested as the time permitted is an hour or one hour throughout the exam 000-080. Minimum 70% marks are needed to pass through the IBM test 000-080.

The range of concerns will differ regularly.

The needed passing score will regularly differ based on the range and impossibility of the concerns presented.

Exam Subjects

Area 1 – Collecting Needs

Understand market atmosphere for System x household along with other x86 hosts

Explain System x household (i.e. – great volume hosts, effective hosts, and BladeCenter)

Explain in a very advanced stage generally happening relevant items (i.e. – PureFlex, Marketing, and Storage)

Relate customer specifications to System x household features and also the relevant competitive advantages.

Compare the machine x Server household like the latest declared IBM x86 hosts to competitors, previous System x hosts and fasten the company value to clients

Explain complete cost of possession for example complete cost of purchase, energy-efficiency, energy and cooling, backwards and forwards interface, and systems management.

Explain virtualization and reasoning computing

Explain in a advanced stage IBM More intelligent Computing

Area 2 – Recommend Solution

High stage information of common path from current to recommended servers

Choose and employ fundamental presales assets (i.e. – xRef, Aggressive Sales Device, Quick Remedy Device, Configurations and Options Information (COG), configurators, SSCT, Azure Skyline and ServerProven)

Explain in an innovative stage innovative presales assets (i.e. – ATS Hosting server Relief Study, Alinean tool, Energy Loan calculator, Interoperability Information, x-config).

Choose and employ appropriate assistance framework (i.e. – Techline, Compete line, ATS, FTSS, Business Connect assistance, and Supplier support)

Explain in an innovative stage other assistance available (i.e. – BPICs, Facilities of Quality, Lender Share, Briefing Centers)

Discuss the entire solution (i.e. – software, storage, record, holder and holder options, changes, services, working out, marketing, SAN, along with other options).

All qualification exams derive from experience of the task Part Explaind for that examination. Realization recommended working out, and evaluation of guides and recommendations guides is a a part of test planning. However, it doesn’t make sure that you will effectively complete the qualification examination.

Courses and guides are supplied to obtain ready for that qualification checks. Please discover the recommended working out course below you might go ahead and take educational setting course or even the web based course. You may even evaluation the machine x recommendations linens and also the listing of Red-colored Books below for particulars.