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What Auto Accident Attorneys Do for Their Clients You should never try to handle your auto accident case without a lawyer. Even though filing a claim without the aid of attorney isn’t the brightest idea, many people still decide to take this route. Nearly all of them lose their case. It could be the popular small claims court shows that have made people na?ve about the ease of handling their own auto accident claim. Small claims court is nothing like personal injury court. You need experienced legal representation if you are interested in filing an auto accident claim. Well, you need an attorney if you want to win anyway. Read below to find out what an auto accident attorney can do for you and your case. Most people with pending auto accident claims hope for a settlement offer. A settlement means that you are guaranteed compensation and that you will get it much faster without the stress of going to trial. There is some good news; the majority of auto accident cases are settled before going to court. But that isn’t true for cases in which people choose not to hire a lawyer; that’s the bad news. People who do not have a lawyer can expect the opposite to be true for them.
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The insurance company refusing to settle with people who don’t have a lawyer is a pretty safe bet. They refuse to settle because they know a layman would be no match for their lawyers in a courtroom. You need to remember that facts aren’t the only deciding factors in lawsuits. You need to be well-versed in the law and understand how the court system works. Just having the facts on your side isn’t usually all you need to win a case.
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An auto accident attorney gives a much better chance of winning your case but they do more than that. Hiring an auto accident attorney is a better financial decision that going alone. Auto Accident lawyers subscribe to the contingency fee model. You would only have to pay an auto accident attorney after the case is over and the other side has paid. If you don’t win, you can walk away a without ever paying them anything. You won’t have the luxury of paying later if you decide to be your own lawyer. It can be costly to put on an auto accident claim. If you don’t win your case, you’ll lose more than compensation, you lose all the money you spent to build your case as well. In addition, an auto accident lawyer can often convince your medical provider to give you a ‘tab’ (put lien on your compensation check) so that medical bills you are unable to pay for won’t affect your credit in the interim.