The Three Initial Steps of a Home Purchase with a Realtor in Texas

Buying a home requires multiple steps, and sometimes tangles and obstacles occur. New homebuyers review all the little details and try to be extra careful in the proceedings. Arguably, the most important part of home buying is the preparation or the set-up. Below are the steps taken before viewing a home that set everything up correctly and get buyers down the right path faster and smarter.

Buyer Representation Agreement

A Buyer Representation Agreement is the official documentation that builds a connection with a particular agent. These terms are often negotiable, and they are not forever. Some of the more negotiable terms in the agreement include the terms of the agreement and the commission rates. Always be aware that agents at North Texas Top Team, Realtors are professional and using contracts supervised and overseen by the broker firm by Texas state law.

Loan Details and Approval

The next major step is to find out the allotted loan amount for a property. The general rule of thumb is that a loan amount is allowed to be three times the total gross income. Now, this could vary depending on credit history, status of position (whether it is W9 or 1099), and other major details. The loan amount is not concrete. In other words, it allows a range of home purchase prices that typically spread $25,000 in either direction. So, if a home price goes beyond that amount, the loan terms could be reviewed again. But, it creates the logical basis for what is afforded.

Financial Preparations

There are many expenses that go along with buying a home not be covered in grave detail here. Essentially, closing costs, doc-prep fees, title company costs, appraisals, and other terms are necessary. Do not hesitate to ask any questions to the contracted agent.

North Texas Top Team, Realtors lists a wide number of properties at any given time. The official website features a directory that organizes current listings by price, size, and bed/bath counts. Please speak with a professional at the Coldwell Banker Jane Henry Realtors broker to Find your dream home for sale Wylie TX, and establish fair and sensible financing terms.