Use Accident Forgiveness To Hold The Insurance Premium Increasing!

No matter how good you are at driving, even though you stay alert, driving the speed limit and using your turn signals properly, accident can happen anytime and anywhere. Accident could be hassle for the physical injury and repair hassles, however one of the biggest worry are the rise of your car insurance premium. For more information about insurance and get the best insurance, I recommend you to check . Depending on the collision, your driving record and any other factor, your insurance premium could rise by 40 percent or more. But you dont need to worry, because every car insurance company has its own policy and procedure for accident forgiveness.  Using this feature, you will be able to keep your rates down after an accident. So, how it works and what the effect on your car insurance? Check the explanation below.

Accident forgiveness is a feature of car insurance that allow you to avoid rate increase following the first fault accident on your policy. You will need to purchase accident forgiveness to allow you control your insurance premium from going up, however not every at-fault accident is going to be forgiven by an insurance company. You can ask for accident forgiveness policy and procedure on your car insurance carrier, but the decision for getting accident forgiveness is up to the insurance company. This feature could control the rise of insurance premium rate, but the accident is still on your driving record.

Almost all leading car insurance companies are providing accident forgiveness, such as Allstate, progressive, USAA, Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual. Each of them have different policy and detail, for example Allstate are offers accident forgiveness through their policy called “Choice auto policy” and targeted to drivers with safe driving records. The best  part of Allstate Accident forgiveness is the discount are increasing of 5% for every six months if you drive safely without any accident.

Another example is Liberty Mutual that offer you accident forgiveness if you are qualified customer. However, the accident forgiveness are only applies to the first at-fault accident and wont be available for you who live in California and North Carolina. But the best of all is Progressive Accident   Forgiveness that allow you to get this offering through their “loyalty rewards” program, so its easy to solve your problem using progressive.

I recommend you to check with your insurance company to find out about accident forgiveness offers. Generally, you wont be qualify if you have multiple auto accidents in the past three years or having too many speeding tickets. But, you don’t need to worry, because you can get accident forgiveness by cleaning your driving record.

While accident forgiveness will allow the insurance company ignore the first accident and wont raise your premium, but this feature is not free. Although you are having clean driving record, you still need to pay some money, for example All State requires you to upgrade your car insurance plan into a gold or platinum coverage plan, that means you might need to pay more money for premium.

So, accident forgiveness is a good ideas for you  that experience your first at-fault  accident or a great driver with clean record. However, for you who already have bad driving record, you might need to pay for a lot of money to keep your insurance premium as low as possible. So, its your choice, would you take accident forgiveness or not?