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All You Need to Know About Immigration and Immigration Laws The movement of one person from their country of residence to a new country either for employment or residence is usually referred to as immigration. A person who has relocated from their country to a new country of residence is referred to as an immigrant. Consequently, it continues to be used even after the person has settled in the new country. Different countries have varied set of immigration rules. While immigration in the UK is characterized by lenient policies, other countries normally enforce tough measures on the immigrants. Allowing immigrants into a country should be done at least annually. Once a person has been allowed in the new country, there are a few key regulations and guidelines that control the settlement of that person. If one does not meet this set rules they are not allowed into the country. Immigration is normally done by people who are not just hoping to stay in the country for a while, but most of them want to become citizens of the new country. An immigrant can become a citizen of a new country by naturalization. Naturalization will occur for citizen have lived in the country for a stipulated number of years and meet set criteria.
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Tough immigration laws set by a few countries are aimed at reducing the number of people wishing to move to that particular country. They publicize their like other countries but the fact remains to be that it is difficult to move to such countries. When immigration policies are publicized it serves to help immigrant adequately prepare and evaluate themselves if they meet the requirements.
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There are few rules which applies uniformly across many countries. However, several immigration rules are shared across different countries. UK immigration policies have this in the laws and it shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. A passport usually acts like an identification and shows that the person in question actually holds certain rights as a member of the given country. The law also state that the immigrant should be given access to the new country through the immigration control department. All in all, immigration is usually a sophisticated process that requires learning a lot of information by the individual wishing to migrate. It is therefore a complicated process whereby the immigrant has to wait for a very long time before the documents are approved and he or she is given access to the new country. Immigration also turns out to be principally too expensive for the low and middle income families.